With color one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft. Henri Matisse


I never get tired of diving into a basket of yarns and fibres. My own Wonderland has yarn shops and dye pots and every creature in it is a crafter. I’m an artisan dyer and not a huge operation, so I buy most of the yarns for painting in small quantities. Most of my hand-dyed yarns and fibres are non-repeatable runs—once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. I also make a rather nice knitter's hand cream. I sell on Felt and occasionally at markets.

A word regarding environmental issues: Without modern chemistry, it is quite hard to produce the vibrant bright colours we're all used to, but believe me, I'm trying my best to leave a tiny footprint. As I'm mainly dyeing wool I can keep pollution (at least at the dyepoint) to a minimum. I use acid exhaust dyes, which means I'm using a bit of white vinegar for the dyes to "take", and the colours disappear into the fibres without "bleeding". What remains in the dyepot is slightly acidic water. I also try to avoid plastic wrap when I can, and the stuff I'm using has been twenty to thirty times in the dyepot already. I wipe and re-use. All my packaging is made from either recycled or reclaimed materials.
In future, I would like to start reclaiming wool as well, but I haven't found a steady source yet. I'm also experimenting with natural dyestuffs on organic wool.