Lovingly Handcrafted ~ A little design from me to you!

I first dabbled with my creative side when I visited London and the gorgeous Italy with my sister, about 20 years ago following the loss of my "little butterfly" from this life. It all started with watercolour and charcoal sketches, then onto oil paintings of landscapes and flowers.

From my original grief, my life, love and spirit awakened, I trained and began to share my love in the world of nursing, which is on hold for a little while to focus on my family, and our gorgeous boys.

10 years ago, my friend introduced me into the world of beading! And that is when RubyMae was born, a little time to take for myself, and to share my love of precious little gems. I just love working with the colour and sparkle which I create into stunning accessories and jewellery for babies, little girls and of course us ladies - we all love to wear a little sparkle of colour :)

Another current love is creating beautiful hair accessories for little girls, I have so much fun making the Korkers - again I love the mix of colour I get to create. Maybe it's an outlet for me as I have a family of boys! And I love giving my little pieces away as gifts to my favourite little girls, I love seeing their enjoyment in wearing my RubyMae products.

My RubyMae accessories, have been loved by many little girls and ladies, and are a wonderful gift to give and receive due to their uniqueness in every piece. I have been selling them at fairs throughout the Greater Wellington, and I am so proud to see them now displayed by Felt since 2012.