Hi there I discovered sometime ago when I was a little girl that colour was an amazing treasure. I loved playing with matching, testing mixing and creating with colour. It bought out the true me, the me who felt safe, enveloped in a world where there where no boundaries, a place where I could create and re-create.

As life moved on I became a self-taught artist now a little older my desire and pleasure deepened to creating mixed media art. I love to especially using collage as a way to express meaning depth, colour whilst conveying a message which i hope will touch people hearts and leave them feeling free. All sorts of items are used in my work, vintage papers, stamps, buttons, quotes postcards a real mix matched box of goodies stays close by my side when I create.

I find inspiration from the natural world colours forms especially the sea and beach as I live so close. I also take inspiration frm blogs, other artists and photography. My creative process keeps me full of wonder and joy and allows me space to explore and express myself.. Like you, we are all on journeys.......... hopefully towards happiness and a sense of fulfillment. Whilst viewing my work I hope it brings some joy, happiness and the enlightenment given me to create it. Enjoy and I wish you a happy life!