Embroidery always represented this unobtainable world of patience something I was short of, a love of for embroidery was something I had in bundles. Eventually the desire to embroider won over, and the patience gradually developed.
I saw the opportunity to combine photography with embroidery during my Photographic studies when I embarked on a project photographing modern interiors, buildings and objects devoid of design. I tentatively stitched into these images trying to find a balance between maintaining the integrity of the photographic image while giving the embroidery a place in its own right in the final object.
I have had a love of embroidery from a young girl, I saw the beautiful embroideries by my grandmother and great aunties. It took time to develop the patience to stitch, and deal with the slowness of the process. I have a treasure trove of embroidery cottons, designs and tray clothes from the Great Aunties haberdashery shop, this provide a constant source of inspiration and materials.
Photographing plants is pure indulgence, I can never tire at looking at plants as the closer you look the more you see. The beauty, intricacy, colour and form of plants and their flowers is what leads me to pick up my camera over and over. Natures ability to put together colour combinations and patterns has been a source of inspiration for much of my own painting and designs. My fascination with nature means I intensely enjoy the Arts and Crafts designs, Lalique’s Jewellery, Art Nouveau and of course embroidery which is so often depicting nature.
I am currently creating necklaces and brooches using the combination of photography and embroidery secured within miniature wooden hoops. Working in small pieces allows for works to be completed quickly while delivering the delight that comes from hand embroidery.
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