Firstly Welcome to rd-art and thank you so much for looking at my gifts to the world....

I am Becc, a passionate mother, wife sister and daughter (amongst other things!)who has always had a passion for creation, but more so a passion for giving. Nothing beats the smile on someone's face when they receive a heart felt gift, One that is home made, and designed with them in mind.

My Pukunatis began in the same way, a creation for an adorable cousin living in the UK, my very first pukunati received such awesome comments and many kidnapping threats that I had no choice but to make pukunatis available to all.

My original Pukunati was named after myself, who has lovingly been nicknamed "fatty" from most of my family, for most of my life, then we followed on with the wee one brooch...and more recently Jumbo, Jumbo being the brainchild of my husband who loves pukunatis but wanted something he could snuggle up on the couch with (other then me and our 2 babies!)

I hope you enjoy my stuff and my ideas, I love spending the time creating each and every one, and the process of mixing remnant fabrics to create a piece that is going to go onto be apart of some else lives.

Enjoy and be Happy
B x