#happinesslove of creative, addictive and fun decals.

I am Me, Me, ME, where I can run free with my creativity.
I have the LOVE of arts n crafts,
And wish I part of the great Felt staff.
Did I mention: I love the colour red, anything shiny big or small.
From red ferrari's, wild poppies, lollies and red razzberriee bubble gum balls.
It makes me motivated, and brings me luck
To make something special for someone that is awe struck.

Come one, come all, you have to see.
A kiwi bargain that is made for you from me.
A one stop shop of crafts galore,
Everything you have ever dreamed of and much, much more.
All handmade in Kiwi, New Zealand,
Down there where life is beautifully grand!
You will save lots of pennies right from the start,
Get in quick and throw it into your shopping cart.
Do not delay and press buy now today,
It will be sent when paid, then it will be on it's merry little way.
It will arrive safe and sound,
Wrapt in bubbled and securely bound.

Thank you for having a look,
it is worth a try to get you hooked.
I am always having fun, believe it or not,
Making a poem to sell my crafty inspired lot.
One more thing for you to see,
Check out my other goodies, that is the key.