My Soy Candles are made of Natural Soya Bean Wax then meticulously blended with a variety of fragrances, colours & Natural Essential oils to give you an ultimate combination of Ambience & Aroma for any occasion.
Natural Soy Candles DO Burn Longer and Much Cooler Than Any Other Candles.

You can dip your finger into the melting wax and you will not burn yourself unless you touch the flame!
Pure Natural Soy are committed to giving you a Natural Alternative Soy Candle so you are not polluting your home & family with nasty toxins that are produced by other cheap and nasty Candles with toxic wicks and wax.
Did you know that some metal cored wicks contain some very nasty toxins?
Unlike Natural Soy Candles some of these are producing toxins and nasty carcinogens into your home when they are burning. These also produce soot that will over time mark your ceilings and walls. Not forgetting your Lungs.

Did you know Paraffin Candles are made from the waste that is left over from making petroleum?
So why would you burn a candle that is producing toxins into your home?
Burn A Natural Soy Candle . You Will Notice The Difference!
A Soy Candle will not pollute your family, your pets, yourself and our planet made from renewable resources.
Soy Candles are becoming more popular with people world wide as they find out what the other Candles are doing and what they are made of.