Recipient of the New Weaver 2024 Award from Creative Fibre NZ (NZ Spinning, Weaving and Woolcrafts Society Inc. – NZSWWS).

Making nice stuff in beautiful Central Otago. Creative fibre design made with love and dedication from the heart of New Zealand.

I have been sewing for over 50 years (gasp!), learning at a very young age. Every time we had electives at school I took sewing (that is the reason I cannot cook!). I am always striving to create beautiful finished pieces.

Weaving is a big part of my life, and I weave almost every day. In my studio I weave on a Louët David 8 shaft floor loom, and on a Jane 8 shaft table loom at markets. The shawls and wraps I design are one-offs, and I also incorporate these cloths in garments. I use mostly fine high end NZ merino that I hand dye, but am also fond of possum, silk mohair and linen – and you can’t beat 8/2 cotton for towels.

I am very much influenced by the Southwest of the States and aboriginal designs, especially Latin America and northern Canada. Weaving is the begin of all textiles and a talent one will never really excel at as there is too much to learn and experiment with. I incorporate some of my woven cloths in to personal garments, but usually I create bespoke wraps and shawls. A wrap is the most versatile accessory. A woven merino wrap can become a comfort to the wearer on summer evenings and winter days.

I think sewing, weaving, knitting (any fibre design) is the most valuable tool. It enables you to become the person you want to be and surround yourself with things you love. Some things you make are for fun and whimsy, others for a lifetime.

I teach weaving through the Spinners & Weavers Guild (part of the Cromwell Combined Arts & Crafts Society), and have taught sewing at REAP Central Otago. You can find me weekly at the Cromwell Farmers & Craft Market, on the Central Otago Arts Trail and the Arts of the Cycle Trails. I am on the Arts Council and Chair of the biannual ACE Visual Arts Exhibition.

I only use quality natural fibres in original designs. I do not produce in multiples and create only individual ooak items. I welcome commissions and while I cannot exactly duplicate an item, I can make something similar just for you
I create and live in a smoke free studio with a supportive Mr, two cats and a heap of chooks.

Something to ponder when looking at any handmade items you encounter in the world: Often this isn’t a hobby, it’s a living and a life. The only way this kind of thing continues to exist is when people make an effort to support it.

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