I love fashion, style and homewares. I also love the planet we live on. I love people. And I love the idea of creating our own healthy home environments.
So I work hard to create the most environmentally ethical and sustainable fashion pieces and homewares for you to enjoy in your home and work lives.
Yep, I'm a bit of a hippy, but I'm also a city-loving, style-conscious minimalist. So the pieces I make are more sophisticated and versatile than you'd expect.
Each piece starts with a piece of gorgeous unbleached and undyed natural fabric. (I love silk and wool the most but also work in cotton, linen and bamboo fibres.) Then I collect leaves and plant matter from my garden and neighbourhood which I use to print and dye each piece of fabric. The colours you see come directly from the plants.
Using the colours and patterns created (and the types of plants used) as inspiration I then sew the fabrics into the items you see here...