My name is Genevieve and I'm a happily married stay at home mum of two little kidlets. We've also thrown into the mix are 3 cats who like to think they rule the roost. In addition we foster cats and kittens for the Waikato SPCA. It's my love of animals that led to the nickname of Paws, the name has followed me web wide for longer than I care to admit to. Even worse, yes I do answer to Paws!

Another great love of mine is knitting, crochet and all things crafty. I learned to knit from my mother in law when my daughter was born and I've been addicted ever since. Recently, I learned to crochet which has left the husband shaking his head, another addiction.

I've also been trying my hand and designing a few basic things, something which I'm finding rather satisfying. When you have an idea in your head, it's very exciting to see it come to life.

I've recently launched Paws Purls as a small business opportunity for myself. I do want to stress that I will not be offering custom knitting. I love knitting and crochet for the absolute pleasure of it, for being able to chose the patterns and fibres that I love and in the colours that I love. With that in mind I've chosen to offer a place where you can purchase items as I make them, items that I love and want to share with you. This also means that you get great quality items at a great price.

I prefer, where ever possible, to use natural fibres and yarns produced in New Zealand. This comes from being a believer in supporting local businesses. I've also made a conscious choice to try to source patterns from budding designers here or overseas. I believe there is a lot of wonderful talent out there and I want to be able to do my part in helping promote that.

Happy Crafting Everyone!