Nurturing imagination and creativity through play

Welcome to my shop!

My name is Jade, and I design and create dress-ups and keepsakes that nurture children's imagination and creativity through play.

I've always felt in my element crafting and creating. I feel I have always been creative, but never able to stick to just one artistic or crafting pursuit.
As a small child I would make doll's clothes, and learned how to hand-sew and knit from my mum and my nan. I always had a big imagination.

I'm a qualified makeup artist, and also studied production design, sculpture, and special effects for TV and film.

I really enjoy the process that being creative affords. I like being able to use my skills to problem solve, to dream up ideas and bring them into being, or even to imagine the possibilities of what I could create.

My daughter was born in 2021, and I became interested in making unique items and keepsakes for her.
Consequentially, the paper crane collective was born not too long after, out of a craving to get back into something creative for myself.
I initially thought my 'Why?' was for me, that I wanted to make these things as a way to be creative for me. But after seeing and experiencing the reactions, the joy and excitement, that children get from the things I make, I can't help but feel that is the real 'Why?'

This project is a constant work in progress, and I hope to build on and expand what I can produce. If you'd like to, you can visit me on Instagram @thepapercranecollective

Jade x