O FRIEND! In the garden of thy heart plant naught but the rose of love, . . . Baha'u'llah

A Californian living in New Zealand.
Baha'i Mother, Musician & Artist.

I live with my family & dog. Try to grow veggies organically, compost, have planted a few natives in the garden, bike when possible and invested in a solar water heater which comes in handy for removing the wax on my batiks.

The majority of my textile work is done on cotton now. I use fibre reactive dyes and a beeswax & soywax mix. Most of the dyeing & waxing is done in the summer as my workspace is outside. Shibori work can be done year round. I've been making batiks for over 30 years. They have sold in craft fairs or shops in California, Tonga, Macau and NZ.
Each batik piece is unique and some items like clothing are made in limited numbers. These batiks are done by hand by 1 person.
Samples of my work can be seen on my facebook page: Pacifica Batik.

My beadwork uses Swarovski crystal beads, semiprecious & Sterling silver beads and findings. Some pieces include handmade beads from American artists. Samples of my beadwork can be seen on this facebook page- Pacifica Beads.

I come from a creative family so I've been doing craftwork all my life. These are just a few crafts I've learned so far- origami, silkscreen printing, floorloom weaving, stained glass, cabochon, silver jewellery, macrame, sewing, photography & temari.

Currently a member of Arts & Crafts Gisborne & the Gisborne Concert Band.
Founding member of River End Creations, a co-operative that runs a local seasonal shop from Nov-Jan.