A collective of our creations- Amelia Lee & the little brother- Tiale Creative

We are a family of 5. My husband and i have 3 children, who we recently started homeschooling. We are really loving our new lifestyle. We are a creative family. I have run sewing businesses most of my life. I took a break from my little handmade children's clothing business- Amelia Lee & the little brother, when we started homeschooling. But now we have a good routine going i have time to occasionally do a bit of sewing. So I will be making the occasional one of a kind Amelia Lee creation.
My eldest daughter Arna(14) is very creative. At the moment she is enjoying water colour painting and has been selling prints of her art as gift cards.
We have started this little shop, as a collective of our creations, and as a great learning opportunity for the kids.
Thanks for your support. You can follow our journey at Instagram.com/ourbackyardcollective and Instagram.com/tiale_creative