"no matter where I go...I always meet myself there"

Hi there, my name is Jo and am a crafter!! I have been a crafter for as long as I can remember.

I started as a child with a needle in hand, a printed tablecloth and guidance from a crafting mum. Over the years I have tried it all. Knitting, cross-stitch, some work with glass. I tried soft stone sculpture once (that was cool, very zen). I finally came to Crazy Quilting. When I had my first child I was well entrenched in the cross stitch scene, but hauling it all out to do 2 quarter stitches in blended threads, then putting it all away to avoid any ‘child’ drama was very frustrating. I had long admired Crazy Quilts, and decided to give it try. I fell in love. The variety of techniques employed, the ability to design as you go, and create a truly unique piece, ticked all the boxes for me.

2010 - I have recently found a new passion, and I am exploring and embracing my more 'traditional' artistic talents. A complete departure from my fibre art, and I only need a pen and a piece of paper. I can be found on Facebook under the moniker Pen in Hand.

2020 - my, the years are flying by! COVID19 lockdown offered me the opportunity to revisit my artistic side, and I have begun exploring my two passions, fibre art and drawing, merging them together.