Lovingly handcrafted hobby horses, unicorns and occasionally other Nobel Steeds such as donkeys, dragons, sea horses and zebras.

Hi, and welcome to our shop!
Many of you will already know us from visiting our facebook page, but for those who don't, here is a quick introduction and a bit of history...

'Nobel Steed' originally began as a fundraising idea for the Waldorf kindergarten our kids attend. After making a bunch of horses and seeing how popular they were, selling out within hours of our stall opening, we (my sister Rosa and I) decided to continue the venture... and so our little business was born.

We make our horses and unicorns from up-cycled woolen blankets or other recycled fabrics (washed thoroughly) and un-used 'factory seconds' socks (have no fear, your child won't be riding around on Dad's smelly socks from last winter)!

The Steeds are stuffed with 100% wool and have an almost exclusively woolen mane. There are some exceptions to the rule here when a bit of 'bling' is required for a unicorn for instance.

We add details such as eyes, a blaze or patches using needle-felting and blanket stitch techniques. Wherever possible we aim to use natural fibres and materials.

Lastly, our finished horse, unicorn or other beasty is mounted on a stick handpicked from the beach and sanded down. We have found that these add more character than a broomstick or thick piece of dowling.

From our experience over the last few years children and adults alike are immediately drawn to stroke or hug our hobby horses because of the wonderful tactile nature of them. After all, who doesn't like wool right!?

Once a horse is chosen, it becomes a toy with endless play opportunities. Children are transformed into brave knights, cowboys, indians, fairies, jockeys etc. We continue to hear stories from past customers about the many imaginative ways their children are using their steeds and it makes our job so incredibly rewarding.

We hope you enjoy browsing our listings. Please also feel free to contact us via Felt anytime with questions or special requests. We are happy to custom make your child a Nobel Steed of their very own. Perhaps you even have a special bit of fabric that has sentimental value to you which you would like us to incorporate into the horse (say as a patch, blaze, ear lining or even a reign). We charge an extra $10 for each additional feature such as flowers, unicorn horn etc.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you so much for stopping in!

Iris & Rosa Nobel

(notice the spelling of our maiden name?) haha! And you thought we couldn't spell didn't you? ;)