I started off as a young child leaning how to knit and sew. These interests were extended in my teens when I learnt how to spin and then built on later when I learnt to weave and dye alongside drawing and design. I use all these techniques in my work and more recently have added up-cycling and recycling. I like to make articles to wear, to use, or to enjoy in the environment. My inspirations for what I create can come from anywhere and everywhere - nature, photographs, books, a scrap of material, or materials gathered in my studio space. My greatest satisfaction comes from my own designs and I continue to explore colour and how different textiles can work together. I use wool, cotton, silk, linen, acrylic, rayon, alpaca, mohair and paper. Saori weaving provides an ideal format and allows me lots of freedom to combine textures and textiles and get them working together.