Artist Ngaio Rue Blackwood

Why I do what I do
To encourage people to look closer at their surroundings so that, together, we see that more connects us than divides us

I reflect on the lives we live and the connections we create with our surroundings. Hand-drawn stitched and painted fine art is where I process these ideas. Full-colour designer Tea Towels are something I'm well known for.

I believe in a world where learning from the past increases our success in the future
I think we should embrace our wobbly lines, ignore rulers and let the colours bleed
I'm scared that we will never overcome prejudice
I want to accept that I'm right where I need to be and that everything will be OK
I escape in books
I drink coffee to stay awake
I devour chocolate
I'm embarrassed that I like romantic comedies and a little Austen obsessed.

A member of the Hawkes Bay Embroidery Guild and Extensions group.