Pamper yourself with everyday luxury...

Years of struggling with my son's eczema was getting us all down - such a horrid affliction and one that left us all feeling hopeless and desperate...until I bought a cake of handmade soap for myself because it was fragranced with my favourite perfume.
So impressed with the soap, I bought some for my son to use too. Two months later, his eczema was gone - completely. And it was no coincidence as we tested him again on supermarket and chemist mass-manufactured shower gels and it flared up every time. (Obviously I would be silly to infer handmade soap is the cure-all for eczema - it won't be the complete answer for everyone but it certainly was OUR magic bullet...)

It spurred me on to research the manufacture and ingredients of handmade soap and other body products - it made sense that using just natural butters and oils on the skin could only be good for it. I just hadn't ever thought about it before and hadn't quite tuned into the growing organic movement.
And so I made my first batch and haven't looked back since. My little creative outlet (I call it my "hobby gone mad") soon turned into a side home-based business that I could run alongside my "day-job" business in interior design. Over the last eighteen months I have made wonderful discoveries (and some shocking boo-boo's!) but now I am absolutely confident that I am producing high-quality natural products that can only do good.

Family and friends have encouraged me so much that 'nectar' now has quite a following and I really enjoy coming up with new designs and fragrances for everyone.

Give it a try - I am pretty sure handmade soap will become a firm favourite in YOUR bathroom :-