Kia ora ! I'm Gael Ogilvie, founder of Nature's Grace Aotearoa. I have spent four decades working as an environmental scientist in large public and private sector organisations. Last year I decided to begin a values-based business to inspire people to look after the natural environment. All of our products are proudly made in New Zealand using 100% certified recycled paper or cardboard. Each stationary item or jigsaw puzzle features stunning photos of New Zealand’s endangered animals and plants along with educational material about the animal and what you can to to protect nature. 10% of our sales revenue is donated to community trusts carrying out conservation work.

I believe that connecting to our natural environment is core to our wellbeing, and there is now 1000s of published studies to support this. We also now know that a large proportion (estimates range from a third to a half) of the Earth's economy is dependent on healthy natural ecosystems. Yet, over the last couple of centuries we have developed our economies and lifestyles in ways that cause environmental harm. If we do not reverse this trend and protect the other precious animals and plants that we share Earth with, we jeopardise our future mental well-being and our livelihoods.

Thank you for your support.

Ngā mihi

Gael Ogilvie

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