These clothes are for keeps

Welcome! My name is Jaana. I am the creator of mukavaolo, together with my partner Dave, who encouraged me to start selling my creations.

Mukavaolo was born in Waikanae, New Zealand. However, the name "mukavaolo" comes from the Finnish language (mukava olo), meaning feeling cosy, comfortable.

Mukavaolo clothing and bags are made from natural fibres, mostly cotton, sometimes linen, and as with the jewellery, I use both recycled and new materials.

Each item is a one-off, with different colours and prints, but the design itself may be repeated.

All the clothing is made with French seams rather than overlocked, hence the quote about slow style.

Mukavaolo welcomes you to its warm embrace of soft fabrics, beautiful colours and prints. I hope you will enjoy this cosy feeling, too.