Ree is a self-taught designer who loves clothes and loves solving problems. She makes every M+R design to be as effortless and flattering as possible. The flexible sizes are created so no M+R clothing will ever languish in the skinny/fat clothes section of the wardrobe. She wants your clothes to make you feel good!

Minnie comes from the name of the company: Minnie Faux Ltd. Minnie Faux was Ree's great-grandmother who had a really cool name. Ree's surname is Smith and she has serious name-envy. Ree happily answers to "Minnie" and delights in being called Ms Faux.

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Minnie + Ree have two main sizes that fit most women from NZ 8-18. We have a Small, Average, and sometimes just an OS (one size).

AVERAGE size (approx 14-16-18) is for women with a bust measurement of approx 38-45 inches = 96-115 cm, and hip measurement of 41- 46 inches = 105-117 cm.

SMALL size (approx 8-10-12) is for women with a bust measurement of approx 33 -37 inches = 83-93 cm, and hip measurement of 35 - 40 inches = 90 -100 cm.