Less is not more, it's just less and more is never enough.

I was born in England and educated here in New Zealand. I have exhibited in numerous solo and group shows throughout New Zealand and internationally. I graduated from RMIT University in 2004 with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts. My work is in prominent New Zealand and international public and private collections. (including the Waikato Museum collection and The Wallace Trust Collection).

Artist and designer, my art practice includes painting (Oil and Acrylic), installation work and traditional fine art print-making.

I draw inspiration from retro patterns and objects, low brow or kitsch influences, I love colour and anything that sparkles (hence the use of metalics in some of my prints).

All of my prints are printed in the traditional way by hand. The lino block is inked up with a roller using oil or water based ink and printed using an etching press. Each colour uses a separate block, so a five colour print will run through the press five times. (Oil based ink has to be used when printing onto foil paper).

The foil is actually metallic foil paper and is glued onto the paper using acid free glue, a traditional process called 'Chine-Colle' (French for thin paper collage. Chine-collé is a special printmaking technique in which paper of a different color or texture is adhered to the overall piece. The paper, usually in pre-cut shapes, is actually bonded to the heavier support paper of the print in the printmaking process).

'Limited Editions', which means there is set number of that particular print. All prints in the edition have to be the same colour and quality. Each print is numbered, the number reflects the order in which they were printed. (often people think that number 1 in the edition is the best to buy but actually all the prints in the edition are identical).

An 'Open Edition' means there is no set number of prints, the prints will all be the same quality. The fact that the edition is open is reflected in the price making the prints cheaper and the work more accessible.

Please follow my Facebook studio page to see some of the other work that I create.


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