wearable art & other musings from the wild

I work with my own handpainted and dyed fabrics as well as lots of upcycled remnants.Most of these are in new condition.If there are signs of wear in a piece I will mention it in the description.
Everything I make is some kind of adventure ,be it long or short.I often begin with no idea where the journey will go.Most pieces are one of a kind.

I value the creative process above almost everything in life.People come first though and I suspect that hidden in everyone is the ability to create.

To me its a key,a thing of wonder and reverence that connects us to the great mysteries of life . A process to be guarded fiercely and nurtured and if one is lucky,to be shared with others.

I couldnt operate this little shop without the help of my daughter Chloe,and daughter-in-law Csilla.They and other friends and family are the models you see,and also frequently the photographers.