Kia ora!
I’m Ngāpuhi and Ngāti Ruanui, based in Dunedin. I’ve been writing and creating art my whole life and I’m desperately trying to make it a full time job. I draw prints and work with charcoal. I write poetry and want to make a book oneday! I have my degree in English and art history, and at the moment I’m finishing my dissertation for Masters Coursework looking at Ekphrastic Māori poetry. I use my art to explore my heritage and my identity, and I’m constantly trying to make sense of this earth that I’m apart of- being Māori and Pakeha I am within and without two vastly different worlds- I am a Māori Mermaid. I hope you enjoy my art and take the time to check out my Instagram which has a lot of my photography, paintings and poetry on it: @maori_mermaid
I take commissions if you ask nicely and passionately. I’m a very emotional wāhine.
Ngā Mihi xx