Hilltop Makery is a design studio based high on Brooklyn hill overlooking Wellington City. Our work mixes new design thinking with old skills handed down, tools and equipment restored for use again, and inherited matauranga (knowledge) about this world we inhabit.

Ellen Andersen runs Hilltop Makery, and draws inspiration from her Māori (Ngāti Kapu), Danish, Belgian and Scottish heritage in her approach to making. Here you will find a selection of Wellington produced objects, art, toi, decor, and paper-goods, with an emphasis on local, natural, beautiful and useful.

Some have asked about logo - it depicts the 100+ year-old concrete obelisk structure that stands in my back garden. It was erected in the late 1800s so that the observatory in Kelburn could locate due-south, even at night when a light would shine from the opening in it.