madi bleu is a girl who lives in a whimsical, colourful world. She loves to play, travel, collect lovehearts, sing and be with her friends. She lives with her head in the clouds on top of the world!

madi bleu was born out of my love of fabrics, especially fabrics with a story to tell! It was inspired by my Grandmother and combines my love of art and finding little vintage textile treasures. It brings old and new together. I also love that it helps the environment by recycling and upcycling what I can, even just a little. Simple.

I get a kick out of seeing an old dress that I couldn't bear to throw out, or a tablecloth that has seen many family dinners made into something unique and beautiful on my wall – and that is why I created madi (she) makes me smile and I hope it will make you smile as well.

Let's not forget buttons – everyone has to love buttons...don't they? So sure enough, you will find buttons on each of my canvases and because the nature of madi bleu is a little 'odd' and 'imperfect', each picture will always be original even if it shares the same theme with other canvases.

Thanks for looking, Amanda.