Born and raised on the stunning West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand, I grew up surrounded by vast, natural and wildly beautiful landscapes. I spent much of my youth outdoors playing sport, riding horses and exploring the bush with my family.

Much of my career was in the hospitality industry, including 12 years as a chef. Through cheffing, I discovered an outlet for my creativity. I left the hospitality industry to raise my two daughters, but over time, the urge to create again became strong. I enrolled in a local silver smithing course, where I discovered that the fabrication of metal, the vibrant and varied gemstones and the many design possibilities all excited me. My love for jewelry design was born.

‚ÄčAll of my pieces are designed and handmade in my Christchurch studio. Much of my inspiration is drawn from the landscapes that I grew up surrounded by and more recently the strongly contrasting landscapes of the Canterbury plains and the bold new forms appearing with the city's rebuild. My latest collection is bright and colourful with hints of inspiration from the city's urban street art.

Inspiration can come in unexpected forms; a graffiti wall with lichen growing on it or a particular gemstone will call for its own unique design. I enjoy adding color to my designs either with beautiful gemstones, colored silk cords, leather, or more recently a resin enamel.

‚ÄčLike the landscapes, my collections may evolve with the seasons, the sudden force of nature, or with the quiet progression of time.