Sweet and Nostalgic Lorelei is all about 100% New Zealand made fashion, lovely fabrics and vintage looking prints. I produce very small runs and often one off pieces with special care for the details in Wellington N.Z.

Hi, I'm Lorene - I love to design and make things from my cosy Brooklyn home. I love fabric! Often the print and colour will inspire a mood, a memory or an imagining and everything just goes from there. I'm passionate about quality, New Zealand made and offering a product that delivers something better than the throw away mentality and exploitation of workers and our environment that the bulk of the fashion industry offers.

I've been a dressmaker in Wellington for the past ten years and I can also do custom orders in your size, just message me through this site and I can create a custom Felt listing for you. I can't always get the same fabric again but it never hurts to ask! I can make to measure however I can only guarantee perfect fit if I do an actual in person fitting (so this option really only works for Wellingtonians)

For more information see my blog - www.lovelovelorelei.blogspot.com or Love Love Lorelei on Facebook.
Thanks for visiting! - Lorene May Harris