I have been trading at: http://felt.co.nz/shop/speers for the past few years but as I couldn't change my name to Lola Duck I have now set up a new store (leaving speers for my artwork!). Please check out my brilliant feedback :)
I am a stay at home Mum to 2 with a 3rd due very soon. I love to create and enjoy 'playing' with a wide range of media. This shop is dedicated to pinboards, bunting, cushions and other carefully handmade products to enhance your home. I aim to keep my prices sensible so that you, as a customer have a choice to buy individually handmade pieces rather than 'run of the mill' mass produced, low quality products.

I am always happy to work with you to create something to match your exact needs - check out my 'made for you' pin board listings, I can make contrasting bunting and cushions too so do get in touch.

Sarah xx