Olivia is a young adult with a neurological condition called autism – it impacts the way she communicates, interacts with others, and perceives the world. Like many people with disabilities, Libby faces barriers in finding meaningful employment. The process of creating art for each of her greeting cards gives Libby a real sense of purpose, self-worth, and the opportunity to add value to our society in a way many of us take for granted.

With every pack of cards sold, a percentage of the sale will be gifted to Assistance Dogs NZ Trust (ADNZT) - a charitable organisation that provides purpose-bred and trained assistance dogs to support people with disabilities. In 2017, our lives were enriched when Nellie-the-assistance-dog joined our family - she has since become a great friend and furry therapist to Libby. Supporting ADNZT enables more amazing partnerships like Libby and Nellie's to be created. If you wish to read more about Libby and Nellie’s special friendship, feel free to head on over to our Facebook page, @libbyandnellie.