Hi and welcome to my store! I'm a painter and printmaker based in Cust, North Canterbury. I really enjoy both practices, creating a range of work from landscapes and botanical illustrations through to figurative work and still lives. This store is an outlet for my smaller pieces, mainly hand pulled monoprints and drypoint etchings. Many of these use multiple processes with hand-colouring, embossing and gold or silver foiling. I use a small Press which is somewhere between A4 and A3 in size, but I'm able to get really good quality prints from it and push it to its maximum capacity.

You'll also find a range of Giclee Art Reproduction Prints in the store which are taken from my original oil paintings and watercolours. They're all printed using high quality inks on archival German Etching Paper by Award Winner Printers Microfilm Digital Print in Christchurch.

My work is also available from Oxford Gallery and Art Box Gallery in Christchurch. I hope you enjoy visiting my store and if you'd like to follow my work you can like me on instagram@waldinkris or visit my website www.kriswaldinartist.co.nz to view some of my bigger paintings.

Thanks for stopping by!

All the best
Kris Waldin