I hate having cold feet! I get really grumpy when life isn't as good as it could be, so when my friend gave me instructions for making felt slippers a few years ago I got really excited. Got myself some yarn, started knitting and haven't stopped since!

The instructions have been translated from Danish into German and English and have been passed on to many friends. Everyone just loves them. This winter people have started asking me to knit some for them as they haven't got the time or don't know how and I got really into it.
I have improved the design and found that they really needed a sole to make them more sturdy and comfortable and especially non slip. After lots of experiments I got my hands on the perfect leather, soft and light and yet durable.
Everyone in my family has at least one pair now and we just love them (my seven year old wears hers even in bed!)

So, if you want an affordable life changing experience, here you go!