Welcome to Kiki’s Home!

I am just a little bit obsessed with the environment and obsessed with being creative as much as possible!
Lucky for me I’ve found a way to combine these two obsessions by creating gorgeous things for your home!

For your walls: I use a mixture of second hand, repurposed, upcycled and new materials to create dream catchers and yarn wall hangings.

For your home: I give gorgeous items a second chance at life by refurbishing furniture and homewares.

To reduce your waste: I offer fabulous reusable tea bags! With a range of colours and sizes, there’s a bag just for you! They are perfect for your afternoon cuppa, knowing there’s no nasty plastic in your cup. Just delicious flavour!

Come and visit me on Instagram or Facebook for other tips and inspo on how to Reduce, Re-use and Re-love!

Kiki xx

Insta: @kikishomenz
Facebook: Kiki’s Style & Homewares