Hi All!

Thank you for coming to take a peek at my little store :)

I am a happy/creative mother of three, a three year old boy and 18moths old boy/girl twins. When I am not mothering/wife-ing I love to make things and constantly have my fingers in many creative pies :)

I have been sewing since I was a teenager, have recently rediscovered my love for knitting and learned how to crochet. So you will probably see a combination of all these elements my listings. As well as a bit of experimenting with painting and print making :)

Currently I am enjoying making various soft baby shoes. A passion that started with a combination of my twins being born and finding soft baby shoes in shops are crazy expensive. And a love for making homewares is definitely starting to develop :)

Please feel free to ask me any questions about any of my listings. In most cases I have plenty of material and yarn to go around so am able to make custom orders and list them :)

Thanks for stopping by!