I was born in Taichung Taiwan & moved to Auckland New Zealand in 1995 to study. I never went home. Well that’s not strictly true. I do go back for holidays & to visit my family with my Kiwi husband.

I have dabbled in art since childhood but it wasnt until I settled here that I really explored the art world & all it has to offer.

I’ve tried everything. Glass blowing & making glass beads & jewellery, ceramic painting, hand-made greeting cards, designing shop windows displays, children’s book illustrations and many other forms of art & design.

More recently I have specialized in abstract painting although sometimes I can get a little distracted with photography & sketching. I am lucky enough & have exhibited and sold well through private collections, online& local galleries during the past few years. I also developed new art objects from time to time, incl. my handpainted & illustrated ukuleles.

My new hobby new media is Leather tooling, and creating tasteful unique leather bags and small leather goods. Please check out my new art at FELT shop.

Check out my art blog http://kaoridaviesartandillustration.wordpress.com