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Sheepskin products have been around for more than a century and are an integral part of the kiwi lifestyle and tradition. The use of sheepskin is passed on from generation to generation and is recognized all over the world. It certainly provides unsurpassed comfort and warmth, the kiwi way.

Sheepskin Footwear– Wearing a pair is indeed life changing as it comes with heaps of benefits like helping improve circulation, keeping the skin moisturised, and making the feet warm and dry all the time. Yes, your feet won’t smell unless it already is!

Sheepskin Rugs & Seat Covers– Sheepskin and wool are not just extremely comfortable and warm in winter, but these also have amazing uses in summer. Have you ever heard the phrase, “warm in winter and cool in summer”? Try using sheepskin on your leather car seat on a hot summer day and you’ll know what I mean. Your bum will thank you for it.

Medical Sheepskin Products– Our medical products range from footwear, seat covers, to infant care, and bed underlays. These are made for the purpose of providing maximum comfort, protection, and support using carefully selected wool with much density and resiliency. The properties of sheepskin aid in the recovery of injuries and muscle pains, prevent bed sores, provide relief to pressure points to name a few.

Possum Merino Knitwear– Our luxurious knitwear is made with possum fur and merino. Possum fur is one of the best natural hollow fibres in the world that has exceptional insulation properties. This makes our knitwear extremely warm, soft to touch, and very light to wear. No need to cover in thick layers of clothing that don’t do much but make you look like you’re ready to pop.