Kia ora and welcome to my shop

I enjoy making ceramics, it is very soothing and grounds me in the here and now. Clay has a will of its own, there is no rushing the process. Similarly, firings are unpredictable. Small variations in temperature might change the colour of a glaze, or its finish. Working with clay requires an open mind, and often rewards makers with beautiful surprises.
I fell in love with it all and enjoy exploring this material, making pieces that I hope people will use and feel a connection with.

I strongly believe that our world is oversaturated with objects, things we do not need. This is why I only make very small batches of pieces. I try to find the right balance between sharing my passion and not being a burden on our environment.
In my current work, I only use clay from New Zealand to reduce my footprint, and I recycle as much of it as I can. My packing materials are also reused as much as possible. I always look for ways to tread more gently on our planet.

I hope you will enjoy my pieces :)