Welcome to the wonderful world of Jeez Louise!
Jeez Louise started in 2008 after I had a crazed moment ordering fabric from overseas. I just love rockabilly, retro and anything out of the ordinary and finding the fabric was a revelation! I just couldn't help myself and before I knew it I had bought yards and yards of amazing fabric. The plan initially was to purchase some fabric to make cushions, I have the most divine bright red couches as well as some quirky retro furniture and I had been struggling for ages trying to find cushions that fitted in with the colour as well as being a bit unique.
In the space of a couple of weeks every available space I had (couches, arm chairs, bed, spare bed) were covered with cushions. Eventually my long suffering other half put his foot down and said "enough with the cushions!" and I though "now what?

I decided to use the rest of the fabric to make up more cushions and sell them online and gosh did they sell! I was blown away by how popular the cushions were and before I knew it I was ordering more fabric (oh happy days!) and making up more cushions. We have expanded into lampshades and this year will see bedding added to the Jeez Louise range.

You can catch up with the happenings at Jeez Louise on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/Jeez-Louise or on our blog, http://jeezlouisedecor.blogspot.co.nz/