Pretty kids wear & Chic gear for down there

Quality, bright, fun reusable cloth pads and children's clothing for the love of your body and the planet. I believe in using recycled degradable packaging where possible.

Why choose cloth pads?

- Cloth pads reduce your exposure to chemicals, bleaches and adhesives found in disposable products.
- Some women experience shorter, less painful periods using cloth pads
- You will save money long term
- Cared for correctly cloth pads can last up to 10 years
- Cloth pads reduce the amount of plastics and chemicals going into landfills, using cloth can have a huge positive impact on the environment, esp considering, on average, a woman will use up to 16,800 disposable pads and tampons during her lifetime.
- My Indie Cloth Pads only uses quality fabrics for the best pad experience possible.
- I only use ECO PUL leak guard lining. PUL is a breathable water proof fabric that stops blood soaking through your pads. We only use high quality Pro soft,eco friendly PUL , It is CPSIA certified & contains no lead, BPA, phthalates or other harmful chemicals, tested to withstand 300+ washings. Manufactured in the USA.