Hi my name is Kate Jacobs and welcome to a selection of my 'I love Isla' Jewellery range. This is my first range of jewellery released to sell. The range celebrates modern and contemporary jewellery with a nature theme running through it.
This jewellery range has been created through my passion for modern and contemporary jewellery, and my attempt to start a small business so I can (hopefully) stay at home with my daughter Isla.
The jewellery in this collection has been selected and priced at a point where you can enjoy and easily obtain modern, good quality and cutting edge jewellery.
The jewellery range is still in development, so at present I am only selling earrings, but shortly I will be selling pendants and necklaces as well. Also I am hoping to develop my jewellery range, so you can personally individualise your jewellery and customize jewellery pieces to your preferred look. So keep an eye on this space.
So enjoy looking through my felt shop, and if you have any questions just contact me
Regards Kate Jacobs