Be yourself, everyone else is already taken — Oscar Wilde

We live in the beautiful and rugged Taranaki with our two lovely boys. We enjoy our day jobs and are grateful that they pay the bills, but our passion lies in handcrafting new from old and we dream of the day when we can indulge our hobby full-time.

We love to source items that others no longer want and imagine new uses for them. His interest lies in metals and vintage tools and machinery. I love to salvage beautiful fabrics and vintage handicrafts. Most of our creations have a use, although the odd one is just pure whimsy. We like to think that all are lovely to look at and some of their back-stories make for great conversation pieces.

Because of the nature of old and pre-loved items, there is the chance of imperfection. But we believe in the importance of recycling and reusing. There is a 'green' tinge to what we do - saving on landfill, preserving the past (albeit in a reinterpreted way) and individually handcrafting each item ourselves. There is no mass production here, no outsourcing overseas, no throwaway mentality and no sweated labour (except ours!)

Each item is a one-of-a-kind piece, carefully handcrafted with attention to detail and quality. We hope you enjoy our items and their 'hearts of old" as we do.