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Hello and welcome to Taranaki's own Mindful Skin Care range ~ Hayley Benseman.

Although it may be unusual to use ones own name as the label for their business...Hayley Benseman likes to do things a bit old school.
She wants you to know her name and associate it with a range of fantastic natural products that have been handcrafted with love and care in Taranaki.
Hayley has worked extremely hard crafting each product and thought putting her name on it was the best way to show how much she believes in her work.
Hayley is proud of what she has accomplished so far but is always looking out for new ways to grow and develop the business both in Taranaki and across New Zealand.

~A little bit about the Director, Hayley~

This busy mother of three and husband in tow... lets just say that this keeps her on her toes! But her real PASSION in life is creating naturally derived and eco friendly products for family, friends and now you!

~How it all started ~

In 2011 Hayley started going to the Taranaki Arts market to sell her sisters natural soaps (Heavenly Scents) and mums locally famous (in Wanganui) Calendula cream. At the same time she was tinkering at home with different recipes for random things - How could you not with both your mum and sister doing it too. Inspirational to say the least!
Both her daughters suffered from eczema and allergies from a very young age and this is when the ideas started to form!!!! Why not try and create natural products to replace all of her store brought cosmetics? This will not only save the family money but now they are using good quality natural products. This lowered their consumption of packaging and minimizing their exposure to harsh synthetic ingredients (contained in most store bought products).
As Hayley already had set up the stall at the market, she decided to use this platform to launch her range and started displaying her products. To her surprise, the customers went crazy! All the products were very well received and ideas for new products always came up in conversation.

Having children with allergies and eczema is not easy at the best of times, so to have a business that makes products to help with everyday issues like these is both handy and exciting.
Having a passion like this certainly makes you conscious of what is going into and on our bodies.

This is a boutique business that stocks a small number and range of products. Each and every product sold has been crafted by Hayley personally and trialed extensively by family and friends. Every product has a full list of ingredients available for you to find either on the label itself or on a flyer along with your order. Hayley believes it is SO important to know what is in the products you are using and because of this the ingredients take pride of place on the labeling. No hidden ingredients here - so for any customers with skin allergies do not despair!

~The extra little bits~

Along with selling you the best possible product possible we take pride in the customer service that is provided! Deliveries will always be packed securely, personalised and dispatched quickly. There is much pride placed on the packing of your order as we understand how important that is to you! We want to give you the best buying experience!

~eco conscious~

An important part to this business is trying to lower our overall footprint! Your orders will always come wrapped and packed in recycled materials. Tarted up with some Washi tape (we call pretty tape) that you can also recycle and use again to stick other bits you may have. It pulls off easy and sticks again. We have made a point of not using a courier company for the fact of being able to use recycled packaging and to lower the amount of plastic courier bags being used in NZ.

The bulk of the products are hand poured into glass jars which we hope you will recycle when you have finished using OR return to us if you live locally!

Please check out our face book page - this is a great way to keep in contact in regards to different markets and to be apart of fun giveaways!