Hi Im Kathy from Gumtree Gully Alpacas!
Ive always been animal mad, and after moving onto a farm here in Warkworth with my husband in 2002, I had the overwhelming decision of what to put on it.
Too much choice, life on a farm offers so many opportunities, but after visiting a friends alpaca farm (and seeing them on McLeods Daughters!) I fell in love with these gorgeous, curious, intelligent creatures and the decision was made.

Its been a few years since we purchased our first wether, a very special boy named Jim who has sadly moved on to the rainbow bridge, along with 8 beautiful ladies and Jacomo, a rather enthusiastic black stud male.
In that time we have also had 3 kids of our own, a gorgeous boy and twin girls, never a dull moment here!

The alpacas are great animals to work with, very easy to train and the babies are just amazing little bundles of cuteness :-)
We shear once a year here on the farm and have the fibre processed at an NZ mill. It is super soft, luxurious and fabulous to knit with.

I have been going to markets for about 4 years and really enjoy meeting people who get as much joy as I do out of the yarn and other items I produce.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions and we also welcome farm visits, our fluffies LOVE to eat out of your hand!

All the best
Cheers Kathy :-)