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KIA ORA! Welcome to GOLD CREATIVE's shop.
Thanks for visiting – I'm Marigold Janezic, creative force behind Gold Creative.

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I'm south islander born and raised, but I have spent time living overseas in Western Samoa, Brazil and Ireland, then after more travel and exploring, I returned home to NZ to settle in Auckland near the Waitakere ranges. The beauty of the New Zealand bush and bird life are an ongoing inspiration for me and I love the challenge of putting my own stamp and style on this popular theme. My husband and I have three wonderful daughters who now inspire me with their own art, talent and zest for life.

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BIRDS of a FEATHER Gift Cards
"Like birds of a feather who flock together, graphic designers Marigold Janezic and Ronja Schipper collaborate to create stylised interpretations of our native New Zealand birds in restricted colour palettes."

This exciting project with friend and fellow designer Ronja Schipper (of Bureau 55) started out as a fun self promotional exercise and has evolved into an ongoing collaboration. While we both love our jobs, its liberating to create a self-led brief which allows us to explore our creativity without commercial restrictions. We hope you like the results as much as we do!
Ngā Mihi,
Marigold x