Garage Culture is a duo between husband and wife, one Kiwi and one American, living in Raglan with two beautiful children. We met by chance, a very small chance 10 years ago and as they say, that rest was history. Brett is a creator, a crafty man, an engineer, they eye for detail. His patience is shown through his work. Molly is the organiser, the business woman, the product packager, the one who sees a need for these little inventions. Such as our key product the cap catching bottle opener, Molly had enough of beer caps on the floor, choking hazard for babies! Don't get me wrong, we both very much enjoy our beers, but we needed something clever and Brett made it happen.

Together we thoroughly enjoy a house full of music, delicious food, tasty beers, a garden full of deliciousness and succulents, endless days at the beach and an overall sense of ease. We hope you can see our character come through in our products. We hand make and package everything with tons of love. From our home in Raglan to yours somewhere in New Zealand <3