Welcome to Gaia Jewellery!

My name's Sara Muntz and I'm based in beautiful Arrowtown, Central Otago, where I live with my wonderful husband Jesse and my naughty dog Willow.

My jewellery designs are predominantly crafted from sterling silver, sometimes brass and are inspired by all things magical and olde worldly! Each piece is designed and made by myself from the highest quality materials that will last a lifetime.

I began my jewellery designing/making journey about 6 years ago whilst living in the remote wilderness of Mount Cook National Park.

I learnt to work with silver from a goldsmith based in Cromwell. I was taught the basics and over the years I have developed my own style and way of doing things.
I draw my inspiration from European folklore, Grimm's fairytales and my beautiful surroundings.

I am happiest when off exploring with Jesse and Willow or tucked up in my caravan creating, especially when it's raining outside......

Check out my website too at: www.gaia-jewellery.com