Kia ora and thank you for checking out my store!

My name is Nikki and I make artworks inspired by, and celebrating plants. Picking, pressing and arranging individual petals and leaves is, for me, a meditative way to reconnect with the natural world. I hope these artworks bring some of that calm and connection into your home.

All the petals I use are sourced from plants growing in our small garden in Oxford. We don't use any insecticides or sprays so they are completely organic.

Because these artworks use natural materials, no two pieces are the same. These pieces celebrate nature's imperfections - petals of slightly different shapes and sizes, colour variations, patches on petals which have been exposed to more sun or rain than others. In my view, this is what makes them so beautiful.

These artworks will also change over time. The colours will last best if displayed out of direct sunlight but regardless, since they are real pressed flowers, they will gradually fade over the years. I think they become no less beautiful over time, just differently so. I hope you enjoy their natural changes too.