“Let us make your dreams come true through our designs” - This is my philosophy for the business and for me "All are equal and all should be treated and respected equally - no one person is better than another" We all have things to offer but how much or what one has to offer is variable/important to a lesser/greater extent depending on your point of view.

I used to be a Paralegal but I gave it up to come to New Zealand from England and run my small lifestyle farm. complete with cows, sheep, chooks, mice (in the hay), rabbit, dogs and cats. Considering a pig but have not got one.... yet...

When I am not doing this I spend my time split between writing, painting , pen and ink drawings, knitting, making my own bead and button jewellery and redesigning antique dresses and embroidering them to make them new and appealing to todays market. I also upcycle jackets and add jewellery to them. I ahve recently learnt to crochet so that will be added sooner or later to my skills

I sell my wares on here, and at Carterton and Masterton New Rags markets - I am at one or the other most saturdays

I attend a great craft group in Carterton and we all regularly share and learn new skills with each other. meeting likeminded people and sharing is what life is about