Welcome to Firecracker Studio. My name is Katherine and I am a Textile artist and Jewellery designer working in Napier. My store Firecracker Studio showcases my range of quality handmade jewellery and textiles all designed and made my me. I have several passions one of which is recycling. Hence my use of postage stamps, antique watches, sea glass and repurposed wool blankets. I see great beauty in many things that have been discarded and enjoy providing objects with a new identity of quality and desire. My jewellery is always crafted to the highest standard in design and materials. I believe in the intrinsic value of a handcrafted item, often in which the materials and process have a special history. I love making custom works and many of my bespoke items are one off creations that centre around an artistic theme that I am exploring. It is a privilege to have my jewellery here on Felt. I make a range of different collections some of which I characterise as heirloom pieces due to the special nature of their materials and artistic design. Thank You for your support and please feel free to contact me. Katherine