Colourful unique baby blankets for colourful unique babes

I am a mother of two from Christchurch, New Zealand. I refound my love for knitting after the Canterbury earthquakes, with no power and my job being temporarily on hold I had to find something to fill my time.

Many years later, after the birth of my first child, my mother knitted me a car seat blanket. Then I had her knit me two more! They were so handy, and I like to travel as light as possible with the kids so something I could stuff in a small bag was ideal. This led me to knit some myself, and the rest is history!

Other than knitting I love anything creative and crafty, I have dabbled in pottery, painting, woodwork, sewing, screen printing...the list goes on. So keep you’re eye out, I have more shops yet to come.
You can follow me @concacreativenz on Instagram :)